Passionate audiophiles and those who enjoy the vintage effect which modular synthesizers have regarding their sound might be looking for a way to bring back those analog vibes into a digital setup.

MAGIX Vintage Effects Suite is a collection of three digital audio plug-ins that was developed in order to provide users with a way to induce the much-wanted analog sequencer vintage effects into their digital tracks.

Being deployed as three standalone VST plug-ins, means that people will need to have a compatible VST host application in order to be able to open them. Each of the three plug-ins from this collection has its own particular characteristics and slightly different interfaces.

Users will be able to add chorus or flanger effects, by using the Corvex plug-in, which allows them access to an interface that resembles analog audio devices, with numerous knobs, sliders and buttons. They will be able to adjust parameters such as the time, voices, span (for the delay), speed (for the modulation) or feedback, diffusion and stereo width (for tone).

The other two plug-ins, namely Ecox and Filtox, offer people the ability to add reverberation effects and audio filters respectively. Featuring the same layout of knobs and buttons for controlling modulation, delay or left/right filters respectively, they allow users to emulate realistic tape echo sounds and control the frequency response of a modulation source.

By using the three plug-ins, people will be able to achieve an intuitive control for the audio output and reproduce the natural sound of analog devices in its raw form.