When it comes to email providers and having multiple accounts on several platforms, simultaneously, it can be quite challenging to keep track of things and stay organized, especially when dealing with the issue from a professional point of view. Short of manually exporting and importing email content from one platform to another, or from one mailbox to another, users can rely on specialized tools for avoiding such cumbersome solutions.

MailJerry is an application that was developed specifically in order to offer users the means to migrate their email data, from one email provider to another or, from one mailbox to another. It is using a dedicated wizard that will guide them through the entire process.

The main working principle behind the application relies on users’ input pertaining to the details of the source and target mailboxes. Consequently, they will be required to input data regarding user names, passwords, mail servers, ports, and corresponding SSL encryption, for both the source and target.

Last but not least, once all the required details are filled, a verification process will validate the data, and the migration process can begin. A detailed tutorial, corresponding to each email provider, is offered in-app, in order to help users better understand the requirements of the migration process.