The most popular webmail services provide web-based access to your mailbox and dedicated mobile clients. In such conditions, some might argue that the use of a desktop email client is pointless. Nevertheless, the desktop client has one major advantage: it allows you to link to multiple email accounts from the same interface. Aside from gathering all your messages in a single place, a reliable email client also comes with additional tweaks and tools to improve your productivity. All the above are among the benefits of the Mailspring email client.

Forked from the Nylas Mail client, Mailspring sports the familiar layout you expect in an application of its type, allowing you to check your mailbox and exchange messages in a modern-looking and clean interface. As such, you can browse your mailbox folders, view reminders, and important events, manage junk mail and spam, or prepare new messages for sending.

The application comprises integrated email searching and basic account management options, a built-in notification system, customizable shortcut keys, signature support, and customizable mail rules. Nothing new, so far. Except for a few little productivity tweaks that set it apart from its competitors.

First of all, the developers of Mailspring thought of those situations when you want to write an email and send it at a later time, for various reasons, be it you need to update the email, or you want the recipient to receive it during working hours. The built-in scheduler helps you do just that.

Another plus is that Mailspring allows on-the-spot translations of a composed message, without you having to use a dedicated online service. The integrated translator carries out the task for you.

Email tracking is another advantage of Mailspring. The mail client can notify you when the mail is opened and when links in your messages are clicked, so you can follow up quickly. Furthermore, it comes with custom reminders that let you know if no one replied, so you don't forget about the message you sent.

Knowing your contacts is important, especially in the business environment. With that thought in mind, Mailspring reveals the message history, the social network profiles, the location of your interlocutor and similar info to help you connect efficiently.

Mailspring can pass on as a good email client fit for both personal and business use. It delivers a modern-looking interface with a familiar layout and comes with the set of tools that any email client should have. Additionally, the aforementioned features are made to enhance your productivity, turning it into a good alternative to other similar software solutions.