Management Models Strategy and Analysis is a complex software that enables you create and manipulate management model frameworks for your business. The software is designed to help you in project management, strategy planning, branding, establishing financial ratios or mapping of the project’s current state.

Management Models Strategy and Analysis offers you a multitude of models and frameworks for project monitoring or handling. Its purpose is to help you solve issues occurring in several aspects of your business, from an empirical point of view. In other words, it offers you the framework for analyzing issues, causes, circumstances, strategies, action plans or comparisons.

The software allows you to select a particular framework from those available, then insert the input data. The software applies the value chain process and returns the result, as well as the steps that lead to a particular solution. You may export the data into presentations and portfolios.

Although Management Models Strategy and Analysis features a straight-forward interface, its usage is complicated and tiresome. Each function opens in a new window with no priority to the others below it, which means that it is instantly sent to the back, when you click on a separate area, even by mistake.

The software does not feature automatic window alignment, which means that you may freely move the windows anywhere on the screen. Each tab is rather large and due to the lack of auto-align function, you need to move the windows around just to reach a certain button. Resizing the windows is not an option either, since its contents follow the movement of the edges; in other words, if you try to contract a window, the writing shrinks as well.

Management Models Strategy and Analysis features a multitude of tools designed to help you in business management, strategy planning, marketing, human resources, organizational structures and many more such aspects. However, configuring such a plan is difficult to manage, due to the software’s counter-intuitive interface.