As with anything else, in order to learn how to play a musical instrument, you need to start from the basics. In the case of music, this means studying the notes and their arrangement on the desired instrument. This is true for the mandolin as well, which is a chord instrument with the ability to reproduce a wide variation of notes and sounds.

MandolinNotesFinder is a software utility devised to help you with the first steps into learning how to play the mandolin, by providing you with a fretboard for you to pluck and hear every available note. In addition, it also displays the positioning of the played note on the instrument itself, so that you can practice on the real thing as well.

The displayed fretboard is designed to allow basically any note playable on a mandolin and it can be easily put to use with the help of your mouse. Hence, all you need to do in order to pluck the desired note is to hover over it on the fretboard and perform a simple click operation. The same is true if you want to switch between semitones, which are integrated into the application as well.

In order to assess your knowledge and put it into practice, MandolinNotesFinder allows you to enter the training mode, which is basically a quiz to evaluate whether you are able to recognize the notes on the instrument itself. Thus, the utility highlights a specific note on the chords and you have to choose the correct one from the list of available options.

When you decide to stop the test, you can view a full report detailing the correctness of your answers, as well as their total number and an overall accuracy percentage. Although there is a timer displayed during the entire period of the test, there is no effective time limit, since you can keep going for as long as you want before pressing the stop button and receiving the results.

In the end, MandolinNotesFinder is a great way to learn about the mandolin, as well as to recognize its specific note arrangement. In addition, the graphical fretboard and the sound samples provided for every chord make the experience that much more pleasant, especially since you also get to learn at the same time.