There are numerous applications out there ready to give you a helping hand when it comes to downloading videos from the Internet, but most have a rather limited number of dedicated hosting websites they support. Many Tube Downloader can change that by providing an intuitive video downloader that can connect to a significantly larger number of websites.

The application is very easy to work with, so no experience is required to have online videos saved on your hard disk. Actually, we could say that simplicity is one of the main characteristics of the GUI, which only comprises a pane to enter all the video links and a 'Download' button that, as you might imagine, starts the process.

In order for the application to work properly, the URLs must be entered one by one, each on a separate line. The array of supported websites is impressive: it can handle downloads from MetaCafe, Alloclips, Youtube, BlinkX, Extremefunnyhumor,, Lulu, Trilulilu, Photobucket, Broadcaster and the list does not even by far end here.

Each link is analyzed and if accepted, the application starts retrieving the file. For each URL, a new window opens, enabling you to monitor the download progress and view the file size and the transfer speed. The process can be easily paused or canceled with the press of a button The application notifies you when the procedure is finished, allowing you to open the download folder and view the files.

Many Tube Downloader can integrate with some of the most popular file downloading applications, such as Internet Download Manager or Download Accelerator Plus. Also, you can configure it to make use of the download engine of Firefox. However, there are some improvements that could really benefit its worth. For instance, it could be more comfortable to be able to choose the download location or monitor the download progress within a single window.