If you're an avid user of Google Maps and like to upload your photos to the maps, you are probably familiar with KML files and how they can help you do so without significant efforts.

Mapollage can help you do just that by creating KML files based on your geotagged photos so that you can upload them to Google Maps quickly and conveniently.

It is worth mentioning that this application requires Java Runtime Environment to be installed on your computer so that it can run accordingly.

Given the fact that this program is portable, no installation is required. Therefore, you can also run this app from removable storage media such as USB flash drives and external HDDs right after unpacking the archive it comes in.

You can turn to Mapollage if you need a quick way to import your geotagged photographs into Google Maps, as the program creates a photo KML file based on your data.

Once you start the application, you need to create a profile by clicking the "+" button on the top part of the window and specify a name. After doing so, you can set the source path, choose a file pattern, toggle subdirectory support, include photos without coordinates and create the KML output file.

Aside from its KML generating capabilities, this application also lets you create paths between your pictures that you can spit by hours, days, weeks, months or years, place pins instead of photos on the map and adjust photograph-related settings such as maximum width and height.

It is also possible to include timestamps in your files by enabling the option from the "Placemark" category, switch between customized and static details of your images, as well as assign paths into your file reference fields that can include URLs.

All things considered, if you're looking for a quick way to import several geotagged photos from your PC to Google Maps, you might want to give Mapollage a try. Its simple interface and broad set of functions make it highly accessible to a wide range of users while still maintaining a high level of efficiency.