Automator is a useful, robust and very powerful automation tool that delivers a professional solution for working with Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF) documents to your desktop. It is a unique automation macro builder tool designed to be used in conjunction with the following Mapsoft publishing tools, which have themselves been designed to assist publishers and writers in working with PDF files.

Here are some key features of "Mapsoft Automator":


■ A very powerful feature which makes the majority of the batching commands supported within Acrobat (via the Edit Batch Sequence facility) available from within the Automator environment. For example, you could automate JavaScript operations from within Automator.


■ Creates a hierarchical set of bookmarks automatically. Bookmarks up to any nested level can be created, based on the headings found within a document.


■ Changes the size of a page's contents without altering the actual page dimensions.


■ Allows you to merge template PDF files with existing document content.


■ Dramatically reduces the size of certain PDF files by removing active parts like navigation buttons and forms. Flattener can also move content from annotation (like form content and markup) right into the document so that it can be archived or viewed easily.


■ Stamps images in a variety of formats onto your PDF document(s), either as an overlay on top of existing content, or as a watermark below it. Images can also be transparent.


■ Stamps text stamps onto selected file(s). Stamps can include variable information such as date/time information and page numbering, including Bates numbering and Roman numerals formats.


■ Sets Acrobat information options including Title, Subject, Author, Keywords and the Base Uniform Resource Locator (URL) used for links to the World Wide Web (WWW).


■ Masks/hides the contents of selected areas within a page or range of pages.


■ Alters the media size of the selected PDF document without changing its contents.


■ Manages Acrobat's document opening options, including Initial View, Window and User Interface options.


■ Allows you to create a new blank PDF document. You can also create new pages and specify their size, and remove, insert and replace existing pages.


■ Splits a large PDF document into smaller documents. Optionally, any pre-existing links within the original document can be retained when that document is split into smaller documents.


■ Manages Acrobat's Security options within a document, including owner password and access rights.


■ Exports thumbnails for your selected document(s) as image files for use in desktop publishing or on websites.


■ Generates Table of Contents automatically from existing bookmarks within a file. TOCBuilder automatically creates the linked references.


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