Mapsoft PDFSplitter is a simple-to-use Adobe Acrobat plugin that gives you the possibility to cut out pages from PDF documents and save them as individual files. This way, you can extract only the sheets you're interested in while disregarding the rest.

To be able to install and launch this application, you should make sure to have Adobe Acrobat installed since it cannot work without this software product.

By the look of the interface, it's evident that Mapsoft PDFSplitter hasn't received updates for a long time. Despidate the outdated appearance, the tool is presented in a neatly structured manner, where the main window shows all options available, giving you an overview of what it has to offer.

There are two ways of trimming PDF documents. You can either extract all pages into single documents or specify the page number or range of sheets to take into account while excluding the rest.

As for the output configuration, the tool can be instructed to save the new files in the same location as the original items, or to a custom directory in a local, removable or network location, depending on your preferences. Moreover, you can customize the file names.

Extraction operations were carried out quickly in our testing, during which Mapsoft PDFSplitter stayed light on system resources consumption. It barely used RAM and CPU, so it didn't hamper the overall performance of the machine or affect other applications we were running at the time. The plugin remained stable throughout its runtime.

On the other hand, the developer hasn't updated it for a long time, and the tool is offered at a pretty steep price, especially when considering that it cannot work without Adobe Acrobat software.