There are many creatures under the sea, some more marvelous, colorful or weirder looking than the other, and maybe that what fascinates us about what lies in the deep blue.

Marine Life 3D Screensaver will take you on a journey in a colorful reef so that you can get a glimpse of what all the fish, tortoises and crabs are doing.

The app does not impress with realistic graphics, instead choosing to charm you with an array of bright colors that will surely make you feel like you are on some sort of underwater rainbow.

The corals are a bit inconsistent as some that are in the background as well as those in the foreground are mere images that show their age due to pixelation, while others are animated in a way that makes it look too obvious that they are 3D rendered.

The fish and other sea creatures are nicely done, considering model, texture and animation quality, and their everyday life is accompanied by cheerful music that makes you want to never leave this place again.

The graphics are indeed fine and you'd expect with all those animations going on that there might be system performance issues. However, nothing of the sort was found during testing, as the FPS values stayed constant, and there were no spikes in performance.

If you do encounter any problems with the app and you think it may be underperforming, then you can always access the screensaver manager that comes with it to adjust or disable some audio and visual features. These include adjustable screen resolution, Music and SFX volume control, the ability to add a FPS counter and a clock, and many more.

Marine Life 3D Screensaver doesn't impress with realistic graphics, but it has its own charm that will still put a smile on your face and drive all those dreary thoughts away, making it an excellent addition to anyone's library.