It’s quite probable that nearly everyone you know has a Facebook account. Since it’s launch, Facebook has seen a constant increase in the number of created accounts and seemingly, more and more appear each day.

This is the reason why MASS Facebook Account Creator was designed. With this application you can quickly create a large number of Facebook accounts with almost no effort on your part. It automates the process of registering for a new account by extracting information from an Excel datasheet. Once the data is loaded, all you have to do is set the proxy server and start the automated account creation process. The application fills all the information fields required for the new account.

Interface-wise, it’s pretty much self explanatory and you don’t need any advanced computer skills to be able to use it.

MASS Facebook Account Creator sounds like a practical application but you need to ask yourself, why do you need to create 20 or 500 Facebook accounts? Maybe you need to create new identities for a large group of people that are participating in a contest or a similar activity. On the other hand, there is a quite large number of fake accounts amongst which some are used in misleading activities, to say the least. With that to consider, the end purpose of the application is user defined.

MASS Facebook Account Creator indeed automatically adds the required registration information from the Excel file, that is, if you have it. Otherwise, you need to write it yourself and in doing so the automation feature of the application isn’t much of a time saver. Also, you do have to manually enter all the captcha codes and after that there’s the matter of personalizing each account.

Putting the above in perspective, unless you have a really practical reason for creating multiple accounts, like adding your entire company to Facebook one person at a time, then MASS Facebook Account Creator doesn’t really do all that much.