Signing up for a fresh account on any of the many online services in existence should be a simple task for anyone, but sometimes the extra time needed to fill all those forms may be a real nuisance. To alleviate this potential problem, there are many tools that can take care of the subscription procedure automatically.

One of those applications is MASS Gmail Account Creator and, as you've already guessed, it is meant to help you make new accounts on Google's dedicated e-mail service. Even if it may be not too appealing from a visual point of view, the features and ease of use will make up for that.

A neat feature of this utility that is becomes evident the moment you open the main window is the support for Excel files. Thus, MASS Gmail Account Creator can use the data from one such spreadsheet, as well as save the output it generates to another XLS file.

Inside the document you should have the information structured in an orderly fashion, with details like the first and last name, username, alternate e-mail address, birth date, gender and other elements required when creating a fresh account on Gmail.

With MASS Gmail Account Creator you can enjoy a nice feature that relates to the handling of requests this software makes to the subscription server. More precisely, it can use several proxies and have them switch automatically after a certain time interval.

Should you need to clear the cookies in order to continue the registration, this can be done with just one click from the 'Sign Up' module. To sum things up, it's safe to say that MASS Gmail Account Creator is pretty good as its job and could prove a real helper for all those who need to create Gmail accounts more easily, saving minutes of their time for each subscription.