MASSIVE is a powerful and versatile synthesizer specifically designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding music producers. With a generous and variate collection of sounds and multiple parameters to experiment with, MASSIVE can unleash your creativity and help you generate astonishing sounds.

MASSIVE comes both as a standalone application and a VST, RTAS and AAX plug-in, leaving it to your decision what to install. Its sound synthesis capabilities heavily rely on a complex wave scanning algorithm and three oscillators to work with, providing fast control and great versatility.

The amount of parameters that you can tamper with in MASSIVE makes it possible for you to deliver basslines and original sounds that are difficult to produce otherwise. The integrated filters enable you to modify resonance and bandwidth, the mixers change the sound and the built-in amplifiers help you alter signal frequency.

The synthesizer also includes modulation and pitch changing options, noise adjustment capabilities, as well as macro controls that can be mapped to the MASCHINE hardware, with predefined parameters that change simultaneously to provide impressive sounds. Moreover, MASSIVE features MIDI learn options, allowing responsive instrument control during live performances.

The application's library includes a large number of ready-to-use sounds created by professionals, with pre-configured macro controls. The array of styles it covers is meant to inspire all users, regardless of the project they are working on. To ease your work, the library browser includes efficient filtering and searching options.

With its impressive collection of effects, sounds and studio editing options, MASSIVE can help music producers deliver original sounds without compromising on quality. Its wave scanning algorithm alongside the built-in step sequencer and modulation options make it ideal for live performances.