Mathwizard is an application designed for math students who are looking for a software solution when it comes to calculating matrices, algebraic expressions, integration, differentiation, and others.

The tool is easy to install, thanks to the fact that there are no special options involved in the setup operation. However, it's recommended to launch the tool with administrative privileges in order to avoid any file permission errors.

It's wrapped in a plain and simple interface, where you can check out the main menu at startup and select the type of operation you'd like to perform.

The matrix calculator has buttons for addition, subtraction, multiplication, transposition, inverse, determinant, rank, and others. When using the integration or differentiation feature, you can turn to a calculator interface if necessary.

There's also a scientific calculator made for long and complex math expressions. Last but not least, it's possible to generate plot based on up to three expressions with distinct settings.

Mathwizard comes with color customization options. It had a good response time in our tests and performed calculations swiftly while remaining light on system resources consumption.

On the other hand, the options are not very intuitive and sometimes lead to faulty results. In our case, for example, the app failed to create new matrices after setting the number of rows and columns. The interface is severely outdated and likely to put off most users. It's also annoying the fact that it's not possible to return to the main menu: you have to restart the app to pick another math module.

But the fact that Mathwizard hasn't received software updates for a long time might be the reason for all these issues, including compatibility problems with newer Windows. Nevertheless, you can test it for yourself.