Behind every application that is specially created to ease tasks are found various lines of code that make sure each function of the application runs smooth and without errors. However, programing languages are not something you learn overnight, but there are alternatives. Max is one of them, giving you the possibility to design your own media applications without writing any code at all.

If you have at least minimum programming knowledge, running the application unveils an interface completely different from what you would expect. The center area is your workspace, with a side panel being home to elements you can put to good use.

The application puts a breathtaking amount of elements at your disposal, each with its own function. By simply dragging them from the side panel over the workspace you get them ready for processing. Depending on the type of application you want to create, available categories let you easily choose elements you need.

These all come with connection points dedicated to specific tasks, for example, in the case of a button you find input and output signal points. A tooltip displays exactly what can be processed if a certain connection point is used, when hovering the cursor over it.

Music enthusiasts will find this application useful, with the possibility to create your own effects rack. A large variety of audio and MIDI elements are available, in combination with buttons and knobs providing a fully functional audio station.

All things considered, Max is by far a fun and intuitive way to design applications for your needs. The creation process is only limited by your imagination, available elements providing more than enough functions and customization options. What's more, the rich help manual and tutorials make sure you always stay on track.