Max AnonySurf is a Windows tool that can be used to quickly connect to a proxy server and thus remain anonymous while browsing the web.

All features are grouped in a single window, which makes the app appropriate for beginners too, while a help manual is also available in case someone needs more documentation on a built-in feature.

Basically, Max AnonySurf was designed to take care of everything, so it automatically displays the available anonymous proxy addresses you can connect to and even changes the used proxy.

What’s more, the application can change the proxy at a user-defined interval all by itself, which again is a helpful feature in case you wish to remain completely anonymous while browsing the web.

Last but not least, Max AnonySurf gives users the option to manually input a proxy address and a port to connect to, with a dedicated option to quickly check the settings.

If there’s something that needs to be improved it’s the list of displayed proxy addresses, as the app only shows the IPs and ports, without information concerning speed, country and type.

In addition, some of the proxies flagged as available didn’t work during our test, so we had to manually skip to the next one in order to access the Internet via a proxy server.

To sum up, Max AnonySurf makes for a good privacy tool that can be safely used by rookies too. There are things to be improved, that’s pretty clear, but Max AnonySurf can easily become one of the top products in this particular software category with a few updates here and there.