Max Backup is a powerful backup program to take backup of important data in your PC on Hard Disk, CDR-W, MOD, Zip, Floppy, Network & on Remote FTP Server.

Here are some key features of "Max Backup":

■ Take backup and restore data from multiple sources and destinations. One can easily take backup concurrently on a portion of one's hard disk, directly burned on to the CD or stored on an FTP server.

Max Backup allows integrated ZIP compression, thus optimizing the hard disk storage, without compromising on quality and any data loss.

■ Max Back is engineered to store the data to be backed in encrypted form, preventing any mishaps.

■ Scheduler is a superb feature that Max Backup has to offer. It allows the user to schedule the jobs made by the user and take automated backups of the files specified by the user, to and from locations specified by the user on specified dates. The schedule could be executed on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly bases, providing the user with utmost ease of use.

Max Backup is designed to exhaust minimum system resources. Max Backup has a multi-threaded transfer engine that executes backups in the background with minimum system resource consumption.

Max Backup also auto-generates activity logs of all the jobs executed, showing the path of the source and destination of back up and its start and end time. This logging option could be turned on or off by the user.

■ Password protection is also available. Users can lock their backed files by securing it with a password.

■ Max Back up is also enriched with a File Watcher facility, which detects and prompts every file of the extension specified by the user for inclusion in backup list. An auto-pop up dialogue box appears on the creation of every file type specified by the user in the backup list, asking the user if it is to be part of the files whose backup is to be taken.