MaxDB Maestro is a comprehensive application that enables you to control and manage the contents of one or several databases, via the MaxDB Server. The software allows you to connect to the desired database using the specified host and a custom driver, such as SAP MaxDB, or another available instance.

MaxDB Maestro is easy to work with, since it features a convenient graphic interface and offers you multiple database management functions. Once you have established a connection to a certain database, you can easily create a new table, insert new information, design tables and ER diagrams, create queries or execute SQL script.

The software features multiple types of editors, including SQL and SQL script editor, both of which allow you to select objects from the database and run a specific query. The SQL editor enables you to also export the results to various file formats, while the script editor is designed to execute DLL statements and queries without returning any results.

The tree structure view, on the left side of the software’s window allows you to explore the nodes and profiles available in the database you connected to. You may easily add new profiles, as well as rename or remove them with a simple mouse click. Selecting any instance from the tree structure displays the content of the current profile.

Thus, you may view and edit data, including BLOBs, design representative ER diagrams, analyze data and centralize the conclusions with the help of the OLAP cubes. You can easily sort and filter the data, into multidimensional views and hierarchies.

MaxDB Maestro allows you to administrate the MaxDB database, as well as create several user accounts and grant them permissions. The management and remote monitoring of a certain database is made easy, since you can easily create queries and collect the results within seconds, then export data to other software. Moreover, the friendly interface allows you to work in a convenient environment.