Working with tabular data means having to perform a wide array of calculations and estimations, most of which imply a large number of variables and components. Hence, they are usually handled by specialized computer applications, although not all of them provide you with too many options when it comes to the variety of analysis tests that can be performed on the data.

MaxStat, on the other hand, is capable of generating an extensive amount of statistical graphs and charts based on numerical information split into rows and columns, most of which are commonly met in various scientific fields. Hence, you can easily conduct in-depth analysis on your data and create the desired statistics.

Among the supported procedures, the application can work with variance tests, discrete distributions and multiple linear regressions, all of which can be generated using different functions or algorithms. Depending on your purposes, these calculations can be used in various experiments and calculations across almost any field or domain that requires numerical data analysis.

In order to better represent the results, the utility enables you to display it in graphical form, using a wide array of charts and graphs. Thus, whether you want to create box plots, geometric bar charts or simple histograms, MaxStat provides you with everything you might need to achieve the desired results.

As far as the manner in which these functions are displayed and accessed, the easy-to-use controls and intuitive tabbed interface allow you to make full use of the application's features, as well as properly visualize the generated statistics. The tables are also displayed using the usual spreadsheet environment, which should be familiar to anyone working with tabular data on a regular basis.

Thanks to the comprehensive collection of graphs and statistics that are built into the utility, MaxStat is a complete solution when it comes to data analysis. In addition, despite the fact that it is aimed toward professional data analysts, the user interface manages to remain familiar and intuitive, with every function easily reachable with just a few mouse clicks.