MaxTRAQ Lite is a easy to use and affordable solution for motion tracking and analysis. Ideal software tool for educational, research, clinical and animation projects. If you use MaxTRAQ Lite with a digital camera, you will be able to manually track up to 99 point in each frame over time.

MaxTRAQ is a manual and automatic digitizer that can be used to extract kinematic properties out of standard AVI files. It doesn't require any special cameras or markers. Simply open an AVI video clip and start digitizing points of interest.

MaxTRAQ includes tools such as angles, distances, notes stick figures, traces and scales. The digitized data can be exported as ASCII files for further analysis. MaxTRAQ can also create a new AVI file that includes any digitized points and/or tools.

MaxTRAQ Lite has a wide range of functions ranging from simple stick figures to advanced analysis (position, angles, velocity/acceleration, distance, etc.). You can export the data in ASCII and C3D file formats.

MaxTRAQ Lite can be used in classrooms as a lab course, general animation/VR, clinical gait and rehab, industrial research, sports science just to name a few. This flexible robust software module can give you precise measurements to enhance your research/current application(s).