mC2 is a basic and simple utility designed to allow you to play music files with minimal system requirements.

In order to keep mC2 resource usage as low as possible, the developers sacrificed the aesthetic side of the program, even though the interface is intuitive and easy to use.

The interface is mostly non-customizable, but you still get an option to resize it.

During playback, or even when stopped, mC2 can be minimized to the notification area. That does not pause its functions, allowing you to still play audio tracks.

mC2 incorporates basic playback functions, controlled via few clickable buttons and a volume slider, but a pause button would have clearly come in handy.

To add music, you need to specify at least a path to a folder containing audio files, and mC2 will automatically scan and add the compatible music files to the local library.

The program has the function to stream files from remote libraries as well, allowing you to connect to sources on your network or on the Internet.

It can also stream music from a specified URL, making mC2 a versatile music player, despite the primal interface and functions.

The program will categorize all files by their genre, allowing you to browse through them and easily play music files of the same genre.

Another criteria for file classification is by artist. The program displays all the audio tracks stored in the loaded library from that specific artist.

MC2 also displays the duration of audio files, their beats per minute count and file size.

Although mC2 could benefit from a pause button or a search function, the program is a useful piece of software designed to create playlists and playback music files without having a major impact on the system's resources.