If you work with the Office Suite daily, then there is a high chance you noticed that unlike Word, Excel does not come with the Change Case option, which can sometimes make it very tedious to make the last review and editing of your documents.

MCTOOLS is a lightweight add-in that brings the Change Case function to Excel and hence, can help you make modifications to the letter case more conveniently. Take note that the tool works with any localized Excel version, irrespective of the default language of the Office suite you work with and does not affect its functionality.

While the installation entails accessing the spreadsheet with the corresponding name, make sure that you also give permissions from Excel to avoid any issues. The setup is completed in a matter of seconds and you are ready to start reviewing and editing your workbooks or spreadsheets.

The add-in can be found on the Home tab of Excel between the Font and Alignment options, in case you have a hard time finding it. From there, you can quickly alter to uppercase, lowercase, sentence case or capitalize each word from the Aa option.

Granted, being able to have full control over the capitalization for an entire document comes with the direct advantage that you avert human error. While you may have experience with this, there is always a chance you do not capitalize a letter or miss a mistake made by another user.

In addition to managing letter case, the utility can lend a hand with erroneous or unnecessary spaces you added while creating or editing the workbooks. Therefore, you can make sure that these little mishaps are all eliminated from the beginning or end of the items. In fact, you can even delete all spaces if the situation requires it.

Considering that it removes the human error factor and can format spreadsheets in one go, MCTOOLS is a tool that addresses users who are reviewing and editing spreadsheets on a regular basis.