MDB Unlock for Access recovers lost passwords for MSAccess files. Built for developers that need to access Windows resources, Microsoft Access stores data in its own MDB format based on Microsoft Jet Database Engine.

The program's layout isn't extremely complicated. Users have to select their Windows Access 2000 database file and choose the action the program executes between getting and removing the password.

The files that work with MDB Unlock for Access are Microsoft Access 2000, XP, and 2003 MDB. This way, system and security administrators can access locked MS Access files. The recovered passwords can be later on copied to the clipboard in case a TXT database is compiled.

Testing retrieved passwords is also possible. Users can press the 'Test the Password' button and the results come out in a log field. The logs can be erased by right-clicking on them.

Apparently it doesn't matter what type of password encoding you are using, if it's numeric, alpha-numeric, ANSI, or Unicode, because MDB Unlock for Acces is able to recover them. Long passwords up to 20 characters can also be retrieved for MS Access 2000 or higher. Although it was launched as a tool for system security managers, it can be downloaded and accessed by anyone.

Except MDB password retrieving and removal options, there isn't much users can do with this software app.

MDB Unlock for Access is a powerful program built so users can recover password-protected MDB files. Although dedicated to system security managers, this application is available to anyone so that makes MDB files anywhere less safe.

Given that it has support for a wide array of password encryption standards, Microsoft engineers will probably have to develop a new MDB protection system in order to resist MDB Unlock for Acces's recovery abilities.