MDrummer Small is a software application designed to help in creating audio with stunning sounds and rhythms.

The installation process runs for a longer period of time, unlike regular programs, and can be quite tricky for inexperienced users.

After first startup, the program prompts you to complete the configuration window and set personal values in functions.

From this area, using the "Selector", you can choose different effects like dance, hip hop, pop, studio and many more, that will be added to the "Mixer" area.

The "Designer" field, lets you apply different predefined presets to the main effects, save them or generate new ones. The values can be inserted into multi tab areas, this way you don't lose your favorite effects.

Another tab worth mentioning is the "Master Effects", from where you can apply effects like "Autopan", "Chorus", "Stereo expander" and many more, making a perfect composition.

Using the mixer function, even more effects can be added and used in the sound file. It needs to be mentioned that values in the mixer are added using the quick setup.

Then the effect's corresponding volume, pan or pitch can be changed using the mouse, and up to 16 audio channels can be added to each effect.

MDrummer Small has an extended list of effects and more can be added by opening them from a favorite location.

The song can be composed in up to nine composition lines, each able to hold your favorite effects.

Adding effects to portions is as simple as double clicking the item and selecting from the "Drumset Editor" what needs to be added.

Using the "Drumset Editor", different layers and generators can be inserted, and basic or advanced drum parameters can be defined.

You can define from the main window the layer source, whether is a sampler, scratcher, or a synthesizer.

Moreover, the rhythm generator and editor functions allow you to create perfectly edited effects for your songs.

MDrummer Small is a great utility for users who need to create for their projects, different sounds or effects. A small setback is the interface which has a great design, but can sometimes be hard to use for inexperienced users.