ME Backup is an intuitive and efficient software solution aimed to provide you with the means of executing backup and synchronization operations with as little effort as possible, so you can make sure important data is never permanently lost.

In terms of appearance, the tool is quite minimalistic and simple to understand, much of its functionality being displayed in the form of buttons and menus.

The main window of ME Backup lists previously created tasks, enabling you to execute the one you need with just a few swift clicks, from the ‘File’ menu.

The program allows you to add as many tasks as you want, letting you organize them in any order you wish, by means of the arrows on the right edge of the main window. Checkboxes ensure only certain operations are executed, ignoring all others.

To add a new task, you need to first choose a category, with four available options to pick from: ‘Copy Folder’, ‘Zip and Copy Folder’, ‘Sync Folder’ or ‘Execute Command’. Subsequently, you can define the source and destination directories, even having the possibility of specifying particular parameters.

While the ‘Copy Folder’ option will simply duplicate files, the ‘Zip and Copy Folder’ will also compress the data, in order to save you disk space. The ‘Sync Folder’ function will even out any differences between source and destination directories.

ME Backup allows you to execute tasks on demand, by selecting the corresponding option from the ‘File’ menu. However, it does not feature an automation module, to schedule their execution at preferred dates or times, a feature that can often come in handy.

All in all, ME Backup is a useful and practical utility that you can resort to for running synchronization as well as backup tasks and executing them with a click. Scheduling them may not be an option, but at least it spares you from having to redefine them all the time.