Whether you are looking for a good audio / video player or just want to casually listen to online radio, you could take a look at Media Player S, a lightweight software application with extensive audio format support.

One key aspect of the application is that it boasts 200 supported formats, from the well-known MP3, WAV and OGG to less popular ones such as IRCAM, FAP, and DAUD.

The user interface is, as expected from a Windows App Store program, modern and appealing to younger audiences while being as intuitive as possible.

With this tool, you can choose songs and movies from your library to create custom playlists, which can later be edited.

For improved search results, the "Local media" tab shows you all supported files currently on your device ("Music" and "Videos" Windows folders), giving you the ability to toggle audio and video searches with ease.

For all of you music lovers who are not satisfied with the standard sound settings, the application provides adjustable audio settings using the built-in sound equalizer, which can be accurately tweaked or set to a preset (e.g. Pop, Dark, Car stereo).

If you don't want to fill up your PC's storage with audio files and prefer online streaming instead, the application lets you browse from an extensive list of locally and internationally acclaimed online radio stations. To ease the search process, Media Player S filters the radio stations by genre and even has a news section.

Considering all of the above, Media Player S is a good multimedia player to try for those who want to enjoy themselvs with their favorite songs and movies while taking advantage of an eye-catching UWP interface and practical features.