Media Doctor is a handy software tool for data recovery and copying from different drives: Floppy Disk, CD-ROM/CD-R/W, DVD-ROM/R, ZIP, HDD and others.

MediaDoctor can copy corrupted files,complete file recovery from several damaged copies,recover large files remotely.

MediaDoctor provides you with high speed recovery with no dying on bad sectors of the disc.

Here are some key features of "MediaDoctor":

■ Copying corrupted files. It is especially useful when you copy movies, pictures or audio files from damaged CD/DVD discs.

■ Complete file recovery from several damaged copies. It is useful when you store files on floppy discs.

■ Recovering large files remotely: send only missing file parts from PC without CD/DVD RW drive from a remote PC via Internet.

■ Other service functions: database management, bad sector map visualization, working with corrupted folders and much more.

■ High-speed recovery without dying out on bad disc sectors. Moreover, you can pause the recovery process.