MediaRECOVER PRO Lost File Recovery of deleted, formatted, or corrupt word documents, spreadsheets, PDF's, images, audio, video, MP3's.

3 easy steps to recovery!

Supports hard drives, removable media, zip disks, CD's, DVD's, floppy disks.

MediaRECOVER PRO Lost File Recovery provides disk utilties such as a Format option to restore corrupt media and a Wipe option to securely delete drives.

With MediaRecover Pro you can preview files that can be recovered. After an unlock code is purchased you may then save all of your lost files.

DO NOT save to the same drive that you are recovering files from. Files may accidentally be overwritten.

Storage space the size of recovered files. 2nd Hard drive (or another storage media) is HIGHLY recommended

All WindowsпїЅ platforms are supported

Format Option

The Format Option restores corrupt media by writing new system files. No data is over-written. This utility is useful if the media is reported as corrupt or non-initialized.

Wipe Option

The Wipe Option allows users to securely delete old files from a removable drive. The Wipe Option is useful in preventing data fragmentation errors by keeping the media clean.