Leaving aside all the benefits related to our comfort, what technology does for us is ensure that we can enjoy full mobility and that we invest as little effort as possible in our routine, and this makes perfect sense.

One example in this regard is the purpose an application such as mediAvatar iPad Transfer serves, namely that of letting you move files between your iPad and your PC or between two different iPads in the blink of an eye so that you can enjoy your music, audiobooks, and whatnot on any device.

Before anything else, it is worth pointing out that mediAvatar iPad Transfer is an iTunes alternative focused, just as its name makes it pretty clear, strictly on iPad owners who want to have quick access to all the files they store on their iOS device.

You need to start by connecting your iPad to your PC using a USB cable, then preview all the files by browsing through the available folders. As such, you can glimpse into your music, movies, playlists, books, photos, ringtones, contacts, messages, notes, and more, with an integrated player being there for you to explore all your media.

Copying any of these files to your computer is a breeze, but aside from that, you can delete them, change their info, add artwork to enhance them, and more.

What’s more, transferring files from your PC to your iPad is equally simple, not to mention that moving data from one iOS device to another should take a short amount of time. Users may also want to know that transferring content from an iPad to iTunes is also a possibility, which makes the application even more relevant.

On an ending note, mediAvatar iPad Transfer is an unpretentious but coherent program that brings many of the benefits iTunes provides users with but manages to pack them in an approachable GUI that should cater to the needs of an ample portion of the public.