Despite our enthusiasm for experiencing as much as possible, there comes a moment when things seem to be a little overwhelming, and we simply need to take our time and clear our mind.

And while spending some time on your own, far from any screen, is probably the best means, if your schedule does not allow you this sort of escapades, resorting to an app that can act as a personal meditation trainer could make a difference. This is precisely what a software utility such as Meditation Evolution claims to do for you.

Once you have dealt with the program setup, which, it must be said, should not take more than a minute, you are welcomed by a simplistic user interface. This is actually in accordance with the application’s very purpose, namely to take your mind off problems and let it roam around so that you can sit back and relax.

As for precisely how the software utility can fulfill its goal, it must be said that it integrates an audio meditation library you can browse through in order to reach the state of mindfulness you are so eager to experience.  Note that adding your own audio is possible with the help of the “File” menu.

You simply need to click the “Start” button, with a new window popping up and prompting you with a series of details about the contents of the session. Unfortunately, there are no playback controls for you to resort to, which means, once you start a session, you probably need to get to the bottom of things regardless of what happens in the room. Still, this is actually a double-edged sword, since the lack of control may actually result in a more immersive experience.

Aside from that, Meditation Evolution packs a multitude of visuals to accompany the audio meditation. To name a few, you will stumble upon options such as Stars, Tornado, Infinity, Love, Liquid, Rainbow, Cosmic, Cloud, Fractal, Spiral, and many others.

You can preview any of these animations in the main window, with the possibility of opting for fullscreen once you decide which one could lead you to the desired state.

On an ending note, Meditation Evolution is a hassle-free application whose purpose is to create a soothing environment for you to be able to relax. Its meditation sessions are comprised of both audio and visual experiences and are packed in a way that makes you focus strictly on the very experience you are having, and not on any tech issues.