Meet Enhancement Suite enables easier Google Meet access and offers flexibility for those who work with Google Calendar or need to manage a busy meeting schedule.

Most people use Google services and apps, as they are easy to understand and offer a ton of flexibility. When it comes to online meetings and long-distance calls, Google has such a well-built and optimized system that it is, most oftentimes, the first choice for those who need to talk business, for online classes, or for other personal long-distance calls.

One of the problems with Google Meet is that you depend on the browser. The Google Meet window is either separate in a singular browser instance, or lost in the multitude of open tabs. This can be extremely frustrating when searching through documents, when having multiple resources open, and, above all, when sharing your screen.

Meet Enhancement Suite is the application that will help you overcome unpleasant moments, and it will solve those little inconveniences; as a result, you will have an excellent meeting management flow and super-professional encounters. With this tool, you can log into your Google account and access both Google Meet's main functionalities and add Google Calendar entries, all from the same place.

The program incorporates a bunch of features and options. These are specifically designed to enhance and ease the communication process. For example, you can use special shortcuts for managing your microphone's status, opt for auto-joining or quick-leaving, stop others from muting your microphone, add quick emoji shortcuts to the chat, or change the background.

Besides the light options presented before, there are some other really cool features that would impact and improve your Google Meet experience: making the window stay always on top (for navigating the resources you are sharing more easily), adding meeting timers (for keeping your discussions efficient and on point, without wasting time), mirroring the videos of the participants, turning the dark mode on, etc.

To conclude, Meet Enhancement Suite seems to be an excellent choice if you use Google Meet and Calendar a lot. It surely helps organize all your processes and makes schedule management more efficient.