MeetInOne for Google Meet enables easy, on-desktop access to one of the most successful and popular Google services, Google Meet.

The Google video-communication service is suitable for both professional and casual interactions. As a consequence, there is an increased demand for having this service available on desktop as well, not just in the browser.

Google Meet is free of cost and it is suitable for students, freelancers, remote business meetings, and long-distance family reunions. Although the service is not available for the desktop version now, there are a bunch of client apps that help you get the same functionality on your machine.

MeetInOne for Google Meet helps users who need to frequently conduct meetings, schedule their reunions/talks, or spontaneously jump on calls.

The tool is nice to use and offers the well-known Google Meet chat and video-call implementation, with some additional extras. For example, the embedded metric tracker will help you know how much time you spent on different activities and how much energy you dedicated to certain tasks.

Also, the program's behavior and the interface can be adjusted. When considering the design, you can opt for a dark theme, or choose functions that help you focus on the actual call and meeting — make the bottom bar in Google Meet transparent, blur your background, or add custom virtual backgrounds.

When it comes to the actual functionality of the application, you can skip the waiting screen, add a meeting tracker to your interface, auto-mute your microphone, automatically turn off the video, configure a picture-in-picture view (pop-out videos of other participants), and more.

All things considered, the tool seems to be a good option for people who use Google Meet a lot. However, the Google Calendar synchronization option does not seem to be available at the moment. Whether this is intentional and the feature is supposed to be part of the paid plan, or not, having to switch to the browser to search for calendar events is a minus.