It is quite clear that, nowadays, the most convenient and widely used method of backing up our files is to cloud servers.

MegaBackup is a desktop client that works on both Windows and macOS and allows you to backup your files to Amazon S3 cloud servers.

The application undergoes a streamlined installation process subsequent to which it automatically launches its main window and integrates itself with your computer's taskbar and contextual menu.

Just like the case of other such apps and services, before anything, you are required to create a MegaBackup account (you are offered 10 GB of free storage) and log in using your official username and password.

Besides integrating with the taskbar and contextual menu, the app also makes it presence known on your computer by adding a dedicated folder, easily visible alongside your other storage units, in which you can copy or delete data from.

By right-clicking the utility's taskbar icon, you are provided with access to the app's main features. For example, you can open MegaBackup's main window, view your account contents within the app's web-based interface, instantly take and share screenshots and access the Preferences section.

While we are on the subject of interfaces, you should know that the main window of the application is mainly useful for backing up new files by dragging and dropping them onto it.

From both the main window and the taskbar menu, you can access the app's web-based interface, the place from where you can actually synchronize, organize and share files with ease.

It is worth mentioning that the application also provides you with a streamlined editor for that allows you to enhance your screenshots.

All in all, MegaBackup offers you a quick and hassle-free way to backup your files and instantly share them with others. The only massive drawback is the lack of mobile clients for iOS and Android.