MemoriesOnTV is a software that lets you create slideshows and burn them to disc.

The user interface of the program is easy to navigate through. You can use the "drag and drop" method to import pictures, videos and music into the album track.

In the case of audio tracks, you can use tools to synchronize all music and slides, add silence, automatically trim silence from the selected music and set auto-trim sensitivity.

Regarding video, you can add picture effects (e.g. random pan, random zoom-in, random rotate), picture delays, transition effects (e.g. fade, blind, blur, bulge, contrast) and transition delays.

The disc album menu can be customized as well when it comes to the background, layout and music. You can create a DVD, VCD or SVCD.

In addition, you can configure image and video settings, like adjust the brightness and contrast, flip horizontally or vertically, apply an overlay, add captions and subtitles (the last option applies only to DVDs), and others.

Furthermore, you can save the project as a ZIP file, import albums, use the "Undo" and "Redo" buttons, view additional panels (e.g. import, music, effects), loop the album indefinitely, download clipshows, merge slides into a video slide, randomize picture effects, export as MPG, AVI or Flash file, directly publish to YouTube, and more.

The program uses a moderate-to-high amount of system resources, includes a comprehensive help file and we haven't experienced any kind of difficulties during our tests. Unfortunately, MemoriesOnTV offers a limited number of transitions and effects, so that could be a disadvantage for experienced users. Also, the demo version displays a watermark on the output files. Otherwise, we strongly recommend this software.