There are many ways to optimize your computer memory and improve the overall PC performance, but Memory Booster Gold promises to do much more than that.

If you’re an experienced user, the interface of the program shouldn’t give you too many headaches, as everything has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

In fact, the main window is the one that provides access to the main features of the app, which means that you can easily free up memory, select the amount to be optimized or open the built-in task manager to control the running processes.

Memory Booster Gold however is much more advanced than that. A full-featured wizard is also included in the package, letting you configure multiple parameters, including a so-called CPU speedup tool to optimize the running processes.

What’s more, the program can further boost the overall system performance by allowing you to adjust Windows visual effects, the maximum cache size of icons, paging file or even control the processor time.

Last but not least, Memory Booster Gold boasts a floating window that shows the current status of memory, CPU and paging file, letting you perform an optimization on the go.

Of course, it doesn’t affect system performance in any way, and in case more documentation is needed, a comprehensive help file is also included in the package to aid users at any moment.

All in all, Memory Booster Gold is quite a handy piece of software, providing multiple system performance optimization tools and a well-developed wizard with plenty of options.