File encryption is an important process in data protection and information security. Protecting individual files or encrypting emails can easily be done by purposely developed tools that became easier to use as time passed. MEO Encryption Software is a neat and intuitive tool that can help you secure your files in a short amount of time.

The UI keeps it simple; one little windows that hold all the three provided options and a short toolbar with several extra options. The window cannot be maximized or re-sized but that is not an issue in relation to the short process.

After you have loaded a file or folder, proceed to choose the encryption method. You can opt for either “BlowFish” or “Des”. These methods are both symmetric-key 64-bit block encryption algorithms but BlowFish is faster and more secure, while Des is older but popular and widespread. Also, you can secure emails and their attachments, if necessary, with the same methods.

Furthermore, you can choose to compress your files before encryption, or you can create a self-decrypting file that will unlock itself when run.

Before finishing the encryption you have to set up a password. The app will also inform you about the password strength with three levels of security. In order to decrypt a file, use “Decrypt a file” select it and introduce the password, select the output location and you’re done.

To sum it up, MEO Encryption Software is a smart utility that lets you secure your files and emails in a swift and easy way. The encryption process requires no advanced skills and it can be successfully executed by any user no matter the technical experience.