MessIt is capable of importing SMS and MMS messages from your Nokia mobile phones, allowing you to read them on the computer. It can be used for backup purposes, since it can generate a complete database of phone messages that can be periodically updated.

MessIt works with CSV files created with the help of Nokia Suite or Nokia PC Suite. It can gather all the data it finds in imported files and merges it in a single, centralized database, enabling you to browse, sort and edit its content.

The compatibility range is not disappointing at all. Actually, the array of supported models is quite impressive, including all the phones that can connect to Nokia Suite or Nokia PC Suite.

One plus of MessIt is the automatic removal of duplicate messages right after file importing, which allows you to create a database that contains unique records only.

MessIt displays a list of all the sent, received or blocked messages in the input CSV files, along with the list of contacts. All the data is displayed in an organized table, including the receiving / sending time, the corresponding phone number and the contact name, as well as the message text and the number of characters it contains.

Records are automatically color coded for easier identification. A message can be deleted from the database and phone numbers can be assigned a name. With just a click, you can encrypt on-screen text, erase all the messages of a certain contact and sort the database content by multiple criteria.

To conclude, MessIt is a reliable backup solution, well fitted for situations when you don't want to lose important text or multimedia messages stored in the (limited) memory of your Nokia handset. Its filtering and searching capabilities makes it suitable for handling large databases, while the automatic database encryption ensures that your messages are secure.