Many parents encourage their children to play a musical instrument even when they are young, since this can help them develop a wide range of skills.

However, keeping your kids interested in any task can be quite a challenge, especially when they are young, so you need to make sure you use tools suitable for their age. MetroGnome is one such app that can help your children improve their music skills without making it seem like it is an ordeal.

Once you install this application, you need to take some time to request an evaluation license so you can make the most of its functions.

Since it is created mostly for children, the GUI (graphic user interface) is not only as simple as possible, but also colorful and attractive, aiming to appeal to kids due to the funny leprechaun and cute bees.

MetroGnome features several types of rhythms, and you, or your child, can easily navigate through them, depending on the one you want to exercise: Largo, Adagio, Andante, Moderato, Allegro or Presto.

The number of beats and ticks can also be adjusted, according to the music instrument or the song your kid is currently learning to play.

Once your child has gotten accustomed to the rhythm, you can help them practice by removing all the visual animations and aids, so as to leave only the sounds. Alternatively, you can disable the sound when you want the pupils to tap the rhythm on their own.

All in all, MetroGnome can be a fun way to teach children about music rhythm, as well as get them familiarized with the many types of tempo. Its user-friendly GUI makes is suitable for kids, yet adults can also enjoy its functions and practice their own skills as well.