When it comes to metronomes, the opinions are split in half, with individuals that say musicians should not use them, while others state the exact opposite. Nevertheless, a metronome is a tool used by musicians to keep a constant tempo as they play. Basically, metronomes provide regular beats or ticks by marking the time intervals at a selected rate.

Metronome EXP Pro is a streamlined piece of software designed to provide you with the means for creating anything from simple clicks at a steady pace all the way up to complex drum beats.

Subsequent to its installation, you are met by a simplistic main window with only a few simple features and controls on display. Interestingly, the utility strays a bit from the typical look that other music apps embrace (with funky and black-themed appearances), as it comes with a plain-looking interface.

Despite its straightforward workflow and what you might initially think, Metronome EXP Pro packs a wide array of features. For example, with the help of its Polymeter, Meter Series and Step Sequencer windows, you can create complex music patterns and customize almost every detail and parameter until everything is just as you want.

For example, the Meter window is the place where you can create time signatures. You should know that the app comes with support for irregular meters, accents or sub accents within a beat and for choosing which subdivision should be played or not.

In addition, the tool also comes with a very useful speed trainer that comes with support for a full-screen mode, MIDI or other 16-bit audio files, multiple operating modes and a versatile preset system. Basically, the speed trainer makes it possible for you to customize every element of your training sessions.

Taking all of the above into consideration, Metronome EXP Pro is a very powerful tool that should be tried out by any musician who wants to experiment a bit or needs to create complex beats, patterns or rhythms.

It may not look apart, but there is no denying that, in the right hands, Metronome EXP Pro can help any musician keep more complex rhythms.