Working long hours might cause stress and other problems, so relaxation during the day is vital for a healthy life. Taking breaks and relaxing is important, and taking your mind off stressful work activities for a few minutes is the doctor's order.

Inspired by kinetic sand and lava lamps, Mezmind is a software utility whose purpose is to help you chill while taking a break or after a long day at the office.

The default theme of Mezmind displays several wooden platforms and flat stones that fall of on top of them. You can move platforms and stones with your mouse, and add new elements, or stop the free fall altogether.

There are several other themes you can experiment with, including a construction one that might remind you of the tetris game.

No matter the theme you choose, Mezmind enables you to have fun with light rain or snow effects. The snowflakes or the raindrops gently fall and lay on top of all the shapes, in slow motion, which is relaxing to watch. The interesting thing is that the entire environment that you build fully respects the laws of physics, which makes it all seem realistic.

One other effect is the water flow, which helps you build cascades and watch as the water touches all the platforms and shapes on the screen. The red goo effect works similarly, except that the substance is heavier, so your stones or other objects you placed on platforms might end up falling.

The slow motion of the snowflakes, rain dropping and lava flowing are known to be relaxing. Creating a fully interactive environment, Mezmind brings all of these together to help you become less tense and eliminate daily stress. Nevertheless, it would be pleasing to have relaxation music or sounds to amplify the effect.