We all remember how difficult it was to do our homework by ourselves and without being able to search for examples and definitions online, as the Internet wasn't as evolved as today. Nowadays, there are plenty of programs that offer more or less valuable functions to help finish homework faster and easier.

MHX Homework Helper is a feature-rich and intuitive application created especially for high school and college students to study in a more interactive way, history, math, chemistry, physics and astronomy. It also includes simple tools to make mathematical operations and calculate physics equations.

The provided interface is user-friendly yet outdated, and it consists of a single panel, which comes with six different categories on the left side of the window. Each item contains several learning sections with thorough explanations.

History provides detailed information about the USA Constitutional Amendments, the American Civil War, the ruling era of Tudor Family of England, quick facts about Canada and a back button that brings you to the main menu. Each category comes with a few descriptive images and examples.

Chemistry lets you learn more about binary covalent and ionic compounds, as well as calculate the molar mass and view the list of chemical operations. The program offers a complete view of the periodic table of elements, which is represented with distinct colors, along with info about the item's color, full name, melting and boiling point, atomic number, mass, and classification.

What's more, the app comes with rich explanations about each planet from the solar system, together with the class temperature and the number of stars brighter than magnitude. Physics can handle various equations, like beat frequency, Einstein's relativistic mass-energy relation, centripetal acceleration, angular momentum and other. All content can be easily copied and pasted into another document.

Taking everything into account, MHX Homework Helper is a reliable and practical utility designed to offer a simple yet efficient method to study history, learn more about the solar system, as well as do simple and complex mathematical and chemical operations.