Creating memos can sometimes use a few extra functions, such as a voice recorder or image attachment capabilities.

While you can continue taking notes the traditional way, relying on specialized software, such as Mic Note, can yield better and more satisfying results.

This application allows you to benefit from all the features that it comes with in a pleasant manner, as it offers you a simple, yet visually appealing design and polished, animated menus.

Its functions are neatly organized in standard menus, buttons and shortcuts, therefore enabling you to access them quickly and without great efforts. You can open a configuration window from the Tools menu, where you can customize your note-taking experience further.

You can easily create notes by either clicking the paper-shaped icon in the top-left corner of the window or by accessing the Note menu and selecting the appropriate option. Notes can be saved in folders, thus allowing you to manage and organize your content in a more efficient manner.

After generating the desired content, you can assign it a voice recording by creating a new one or importing an item from various locations, such as your local disk, a web location or a cloud storage. Recording your voice can be achieved easily, by clicking the microphone-shaped button in the top-right corner of the window.

If you own supported hardware, it is possible to print your notes, if you want to keep hard copies of them, for future reference. Additionally, you can share them online by selecting the corresponding option under the Share section.

You can specify a cloud storage service and synchronize your documents, so you do not have to worry about accidentally removing them from your computer. Unfortunately, this application only features support for Google Drive and Dropbox.

To sum it up, you can rely on Mic Note if you need a convenient way to create text memos, assign them voice recordings, print them or share them online.