MIC Recorder ActiveX was designed to be an OCX control for software developers that can record PCM WAV files from any sound card device (as microphone, sound card, modem device, etc.)

This ActiveX also supports meter/silence detection, so you can detect when the sounds or the voices appeared, also, the control can pre screen the sound buffers to a different sound device.

With this ActiveX you can develop many sound recorders applications, such as: phone call recorder, voice memo, talking mail, etc... The installation program contains Visual Basic 6 and .NET samples, CHM help file and free trial version of the control.

Here are some key features of "MIC Recorder ActiveX":

■ Record audio from the microphone, sound-card or the modem device.

■ Pre screen call

■ Silence detection

■ Meter detection

■ Frequency detection (BETA)

■ Voice detection (by the silence)

■ Can run with multiple devices

■ Get general information about the device

■ Get general information about the WAV audio file

■ Can be use for phone call recorder projects.

■ Can be use for Voice Memo recorders projects.

■ Errors handling

■ Visual Basic samples.

■ .NET samples.

■ Source code is also available (in a different distribution).


■ 30 days trial