The Microsoft Access to Visual Basic Object Converter is a Visual Basic 6.0

executable (.exe) program. The Object Converter rapidly converts Access

2003/2002/2000 Queries, Forms and Code, Controls (including a number of ActiveX

Custom Controls like the Microsoft Windows Common Controls and the Common

Dialog Control), Macros, Reports, Code and Class Modules to Visual Basic Forms

and Projects.

The Object Converter saves developers a great deal of time porting selected Queries,

Forms, Reports, Macros and Code Modules, or entire Access applications to Visual

Basic. There is no need to copy and paste code from Access to VB and re-design

Forms from scratch. Converted Forms and Code will run immediately or with minimal

modifications in either the Visual Basic version 6.0 environment.

Converting all Forms in the Access 2002 or 2000 Northwind sample database for

example should take less than 1 minute to complete, depending on the speed of your


Take Microsoft Access to Visual Basic Object Converter for atest drive to see just how useful it can be for you!