Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Management Tools is a comprehensive and reliable software solution geared towards users who need to configure, manage and organize their Exchange organization remotely. It comes with full-featured options that keep the email system up and running and better protected from outside threats lurking on the Internet.

Since the package comes bundled with several utilities namely Exchange Management Console, Exchange Management Shell, Microsoft Exchange Best Practices Analyzer Tool and Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant Tool, you are able to manage the configuration of Exchange organizations, as well as collect settings and values from the registry.

With the help of Exchange Management Console (shortly known as EMC) you can create new filters, manage all the imported and identified Exchange certificates, modify the configuration domain controllers and assign services to the current certificate.

Being sectioned in three panels, the main window displays all of the available server roles you have installed along with the objects and the available actions that can be performed such as ‘Manage Hub Transport Role’, ‘New Exchange Certificate’, ‘Renew Exchange Certificate’ and ‘Manage Client Access Role’, to name a few.

The second tool, entitled Exchange Management Shell, comes with an intuitive and complete command-line interface that automates all the administrative tasks. This way, you can enable new mail accounts, configure database properties and manage groups with ease. Because it provides a flexible scripting platform, administrators and developers, as well, can reduce the complexity of Visual Basic scripts.

Using Microsoft Exchange Best Practices Analyzer Tool you are able to collect sensitive data and values from the registry and Active Directory, thus improving your system effortlessly.

Finally, Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant Tool enables you to identify the main cause that alters the server’s performance and determine the required data necessary to troubleshoot the identified symptoms. In this manner, you are able to gather configuration data and event logs.

All in all, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Management Tools comes in handy for administrators who need to manage their Exchange Server environment remotely.