MidiIllustrator Virtuoso is a nice and useful application for testing your skills and creating new music from raw information contained in MIDI files.

It's packed with all sort of tools and features that you can use, including the option to edit and playback songs, as well as adjust scores.

MidiIllustrator Virtuoso doesn't take long to install and it comes with sample songs that you can check out and use to get familiarized with the application.

MidiIllustrator contains sophisticated MIDI to notation conversion technology which can quickly and accurately generate attractive scores from music of all styles stored in Standard MIDI Format (SMF).

MidiIllustrator can open files and transcribe scores without being configured for sound in any way. If, however, you wish to hear a score played back then you must configure MidiIllustrator to use the soundcard in your computer and its MIDI capabilities.

You can create brand new scores from the ground up, or use MidiIllustrator's powerful editing tools on existing scores originally generated from MIDI songs.

MidiIllustrator rich text items fully support Object Linking and Embedding giving you great flexibility to provide rich content such as images in your scores.

MidiIllustrator allows you to control many of the underlying MIDI aspects of a song, and specifically manage advanced MIDI options for each staff.

You can also transpose the notes in some or all of the measures in the score. If you would like to transpose only note sounds as they are played, but leave notes where they are on the staff.

All in all, MidiIllustrator Virtuoso is a very nice application that you can use in order to practice your musical skills or make changes to MIDI files easily. It's filled with all sort of tools and sample tracks that you can use to get accustomed to the application.