mightymacros Fast Open for Office is a simple to use tool that allows you to organize lists of shortcuts in Microsoft Office applications. The add-in integrates with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access, plus it easily works with them. The tool allows you to open any specific file, with a few mouse clicks.

One of the remarkable features of mightymacros Fast Open for Office is its capability of integrating with several Microsoft Office applications. The tool works as an add-in, therefore it can easily be managed from the designated tab.

The tool allows you to easily create and manage lists of shortcuts to folders or files, stored on your computer. It also allows you to create categories, in order to sort the list entries by custom criteria. While these categories are common to all the supported host applications, the lists are separate since the tool can filter the files for each program.

mightymacros Fast Open for Office allows you to create specific lists for each of the programs you use it with. For example the lists in Excel contain .XLSX files, while those created in PowerPoint feature .PPTX presentations.

Creating a list is as simple as filling in two fields: select the category, then choose the path you wish to manage. The lists can easily be exported or saved on the computer as a backup. You may export one list at a time: either the collection of folders or files, to .XML / .CSV formats.

mightymacros Fast Open for Office also allows you to backup the lists you create, with a simple mouse click. Alternatively, you may restore the saved data, at a later time, by loading the backup file and extracting the entries. The entries in the list can easily be removed or edited and in case they are not displayed in the field, you may just refresh the collection.