mightymacros List Copy Paste is a reliable application that allows you to more effectively manage text transfers from one program to another. It works as a clipboard extension, allowing you to store pieces of text into a dedicated database, separate from any of the currently running programs.

mightymacros List Copy Paste is designed to help you save time by copying and pasting text lines, names, numbers and many more. It is particularly useful whenever you need to copy large blocks of text, lists or data for a fill-in form.

The application’s functionality is simple: make the window that contains the input text as the active one, then select it from the drop down menu in mightymacros List Copy Paste. Copy the desired text from the application, then Load it into the list. Next, select the destination window and paste the text one line at a time. The program enables you to manage the content of the list by removing the selected lines or deleting duplicates.

mightymacros List Copy Paste also features a function that allows you to quickly paste custom information: enter the desired words/codes/numbers and click the designated button. You need to make sure that the output window is active when you select the Paste option and that the cursor lies on the desired line.

You also need to be sure that you always select the correct window name from the drop down menu in mightymacros List Copy Paste. If the desired window name does not feature in the list, you need to select the application as the active window, then click the Refresh button.

mightymacros List Copy Paste allows you to work with several types of applications, including Microsoft Office, Notepad, Internet browsers and many more. Although the application is rather difficult to use at first, it can be a time saver once you get used to it. For instance, you may enter information in a fill-in form within seconds.