If you want to populate your social media accounts with more photos, there's a chance that you already have those pictures in another place, be it another social media album or a cloud storage account. For large collections of photos, saving them to the local computer manually and then uploading them all to the target account or storage might get a bit tedious and boring. MigrateMan comes with the solution to this problem, providing a quick means of transferring data between accounts.

MigrateMan supports some of the most widely-used online storage services, including Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox. Furthermore, it can connect to various social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, Flickr, Smugmug, and Foursquare.

Even if you are not interacting with all of them, you should take the time to add the ones you do use in the "Account" tab. Since MigrateMan is responsible for uploading and downloading personal online content, you will be prompted to grant it the proper permissions while configuring the accounts.

To start a new job in MigrateMan you must select the source and the destination from two drop-down lists. Aside from transfers between the accounts mentioned above, MigrateMan also enables you to download the pictures to a zip archive on your computer or create a shared file.

One of the drawbacks of this application is that it cannot access the social account to let you browse the images without having to login once more in a browser to take a look at your albums. Essentially, it downloads images from the source library and uploads them to the destination album.

The big plus of MigrateMan is that it requires you to enter credentials for each account only once. Then, you can initiate transfers between any two accounts and sit back and relax while the application carries out the task. Of course, you can transfer photos to another account the old-fashioned way: save images to your computer, connect to your account, browse to the photo albums and add them the new content.