There’s no need to go to great lengths in order to protect your child online since there are various parental control tools you can resort to in order to easily filter the content they are exposed to.

One such program is MinorGuard, which proposes a basic set of features you can employ to make sure no only that your kid does not have access to inappropriate content but that they don’t spend too much time online.

Computer addiction is a serious issue, especially when it appears at an early age, and the user cannot discern what is really good for them. That is why keeping an eye on your child’s activity while at the computer could be a good idea.

MinorGuard helps you be aware of how much time your child has spent online. Aside from that, scheduling the PC to shut down is possible, and for that, you have the option to create a daily plan. The Online Control section could also come in handy since it prompts you with a configurable graphic that shows when your child can surf the Internet.

Just as important is the Filter Settings section, which allows you to restrict the user’s access to websites you can blacklist. Moreover, in order to block specific types of content, you need to come up with keywords, for instance, “violence,” “drugs,” etc.. Blocking software you deem dangerous can be done at a mouse click.

Another noteworthy feature is the one ensuring your child’s eyes are protected. As such, making adjustments to the screen brightness is possible using a slider. You can also reduce eyestrain by resorting to one of the included presets.

On an ending note, MinorGuard is a piece of software addressed at parents concerned with their children spending too much time on the Internet and accessing webpages that could affect their development. The program allows you to easily filter the content the user has access to and should be easily figured out in no time.

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